Pressure-sensitive /Self-adhesive labels play an integral role in the day-to-day operations of many industries such as the manufacturing, health, hotel and food industries. Below you will see a list of some of these types of labels and their various applications.

Manufacturing Sector Labels

• Blank Labels
• Export Labels
• Restricted Labels
• Lot No. Labels
• R & D Labels
• Made in Jamaica Labels
• Contains Allergens

Hospital / Pharmaceutical Labels

• EDP (Prescription / Computer) Labels
• Auxiliary Labels
• Times Daily Labels
• ‘O’ Labels
• ‘A’ Labels
• XMatch Labels
• Blank 2” x 1” labels perforated (with one label across and two labels across)
• Blank 4” x 1.5” labels

Hotel Labels

• Bar Labels
• Auxiliary Labels
• Date Labels
• Blank Labels
• Airport Labels
• Concierge Labels

Promotional Labels

• Buy 1 Get 1
• Free Item
• Special Offer
• Free Offer
• Free
• Free (with barcode)
• $50 Off
• New Size

Quality Control Labels

• Hold
• Rework
• Release
• Reject
• Quarantine
• Dump

Food Labels

• Water labels
• Juice labels
• Cake labels for boxes, clam shells and so on
• Donut labels
• Banana Bread labels

Product / Branding Labels

Garment Labels

The garment labels are available in two different widths of 1" and 1 1/4" but can be cut to your desired length. They are currently one-colour labels and the colours available are blue, green, black, red and orange.

Cardstock Tags

Need an additional tag for garments and other products? Give us a call. We print on regular as well as metallic cardstock