Document Centre

Labels Jamaica Limited offers a wide variety of services via our Document Centre, including but not limited to designing and printing invitations, programs, simple labels and business cards. These are designed for a plethora of functions, some of which are mentioned below.

Address Labels: get your address and name on a label for all your stationery. It's
affordable, easy, and saves you ink and time.
o It's easy to order with us. Sample templates coming soon.
o Small quantity / flat rate jobs
o Crack & peel prints

We offer the following services:

1.Printing from email
2 Photocopying
3 Scanning
4 Laminating
5 Document preparation (typing documents, homework assignments)

We design and print business cards that are:
1. One-sided full-colour business cards
2. Two-sided full-colour business cards

We design and print programs for:
1. Graduations
2. Weddings
3. Memorial Services
4. Funerals
5. Other events

We design and print invitations for:
1. Weddings
2. Parties such as birthday, anniversary and graduation parties
3. Bridal Shower
4. Baby Shower
5. Special occasions & other events